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School activity trips

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Residentials and visits
School activity trips
Aim high
Achieve more
School activity trips

Outdoor education
is our passion

Seeing children experience the thrill and excitement of achieving something new on our school activity trips gives us a feeling of immense pride. After all, that’s why we do what we do.

All of our activities follow our core values and so we aim to instil life long learning in to every single visit.

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Trust is a key element in all aspects of life. The group will learn to use and trust both the equipment and each other. Once trust is developed with the group the outcomes are far higher and bring greater learning to the individual.


We aim to help individuals to not only reach their potential but also to go above and beyond. Above all, we aim to teach young people to try their hardest and never give in.


Understanding and knowledge around the subject is an important aspect of all activities. We not only aim for students to develop a greater understanding about the environment they are in but also the people they are with as well.


Learning is a lot more engaging if it is fun and exciting. That is why all of our activities are definitely that, with a little sprinkle of adrenaline thrown in for good measure.

Primary Schools

Tailor made primary school residential trips are our speciality and we want students to have the best visit they can. We also offer a wide range of day visits and curriculum days, so there really is something for everyone. 


We offer outdoor residentials and day visits for secondary schools that inspire, encourage and develop pupils. 

Our secondary visits include action packed adventures for everyone as well as curriculum based activities for GCSE and A-levels.


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“Vandyke Upper School’s Year 11 GCSE PE students had a fantastic time carrying out Orienteering and Climbing Activities at Malvern Boundless Outdoors Centre. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and this was mainly down to the encouragement, advice and support they received and the positive relationships they built with the Malvern instructors. The students worked hard and achieved excellent GCSE PE practical grades. They not only learnt Climbing and Orienteering techniques but also developed their teamwork and leadership skills and improved their resilience, determination and mental toughness. We will definitely be returning next year with our current Year 10 students.”
Mr C. Miller
Director of Sport, Vandyke Upper School
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