Letter and Pen

A Thank You Letter From The Class

Dear all the instructors at West Malvern

We would like to say a massive thank you for helping us on our trip and making the experience
one to remember. On our arrival, we were all buzzing with excitement but also a little bit nervous.
We had an amazing time and you made it so much fun.

We were excited to hear about all the activities that we would get to do, choose our food for the
evening and breakfast and see south block where we were staying for the night. On day one,
some of us were nervous, scared and weren’t sure if we could do it but thankfully you were there
to help us.

When it was time to step off the platform of the King Swing, you gave us safety and spectacular
advice. You also set us a fun challenge to high five you on our first swing. This really helped to
build our confidence and enjoy the swing out into the woods.

When going on the quad pole, your encouragement was really needed when trying to get four up
the top (especially if you were the last to get up! It was very wobbly.) Some of us also liked that
you could climb high and then jump off or try out the challenge at the top. The dangling test was
funny and made us sure that everything was safe.

On the low ropes, we felt like the gladiators where we were able to try the hang tough rings, swing
from platform to platform and many other challenges that we could keep going back to as we didn’t
need a harness. This is where we got to be a ninja squirrel and superhero, the names reminded us
to be there for our partners but also made us laugh. Landing in the waffle net made you feel like a
fly being caught in a spiders web, this was great.

On our walk through the bluebells we couldn’t believe how beautiful the Malvern Hills were. Having
time to play in the park and enjoy football with JJ was great as we didn’t realise how busy we
would be at the centre, nonstop fun. We managed to keep going and found the problem solving
night activity tricky but it was good to find out how you could do it.

We couldn’t believe how cool it was to be in a dormitory with our friends and sleep in the bunk
beds. Being in a dorm with others also made them get messy very quickly but we cleaned them up
and got ready for the talent show. We really enjoyed working together to try and entertain Ben.

The encouragement that was given from all the instructors made us ready, happy and last but not
least feel SAFE because we knew that you would take care of us and make sure we didn’t get
hurt. It also made us want to try more at the next activity, even if it was just getting up the ladder.

We appreciate all the help you provided for the groups. The site is amazing with so many
activities, we wish we could come back and do more. It is definitely the best trip that we have ever
been on.

Many Thanks
Year 4 (Ash class)

P.S. The pancakes at breakfast were delicious.